I decided that there was nothing left in my life worth living for

I grew up in a Christian family, going to the Sunday School and learning all about God and the Bible. The idea of having a relationship with God had never even crossed my mind.

The first year of secondary school was hard for me, as I had quite a sheltered upbringing so had very little to interact with my classmates about. This led to teasing and I retreated into a shell.

I became an easy target for the school bullies, and as the bullying got worse, I stopped going to church and the youth group as I thought this was also ammunition for the bullies. I decided that there was nothing left in my life worth living for. I thought my friends had abandoned me and my classmates hated me, and so I decided there was no way out.

One night the phone rang and It was a mate from church who invited me to join him on a Christian Adventure camp. I'd agreed before I'd even thought about it. During a time of singing at the camp I realised that whatever I had been through, God had been there protecting me and providing people to help me. I admitted that I needed God in my life. Suddenly my quietness and timid nature had been replaced by a confidence and energy that I'd never felt before.

Evidence A: Does Jesus make you angry?

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Luke wrote his book to tell his friend Theophilus about Jesus (Luke 1:1-4)

Evidence B: Jesus wants you to be like the prostitute

Going through ‘Uncover’ brought up questions about who Jesus really is

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Is there evidence for Jesus outside the Bible?

How do we know Luke's account of the life of Jesus is reliable?

What do you think heaven is like?

Chapter 5

Is Jesus the only way?

Doesn't science rule out miracles?

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

What would meeting Jesus be like?

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Chapter 10

Chapter 11

Evidence C: A tale of two sons

Jesus knew he was going to die (Luke 18:31)

Aim at heaven and you will get earth thrown in. ― C. S. Lewis

Chapter 12

Chapter 13

Lots of partying in heaven when someone trusts Jesus (Luke 15:7)

Who is good enough to get into heaven?

Chapter 14

Chapter 15