How Can An All Powerful And Loving God Allow People To Suffer?

In Luke 7:11-17 we come face to face with the anguish of suffering and death. A woman, who has already lost her husband, has now lost her son.

Giles Cattermole is an Accident and Emergency Consultant. In this film he talks about his experience of suffering and begins to explore the Bible’s response to one of the biggest objections people have to the Christian faith. Watch the film and consider for yourself, how can a good God allow suffering?

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Aren't Christians arrogant to believe that Jesus is the only way to God?

I was questioning the legitimacy of certain stories in the Bible.

Evidence A: Does Jesus make you angry?

Chapter 1

I realised God cares for me

What kind of God allows suffering?

Can we believe the Bible's account of the Resurrection?

Chapter 2

Delving into the problem of evil

Chapter 3

Evidence B: Jesus wants you to be like the prostitute

Why does God allow suffering at all?

Doesn't faith contradict reason?

Going through ‘Uncover’ brought up questions about who Jesus really is

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

What would meeting Jesus be like?

Is living a good life enough?

Evidence C: A tale of two sons

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Perhaps it's just true for you and not for me?

What do you think heaven is like?

Chapter 8

Did the resurrection really happen in history?

Did David Hume dispose of miracles?

I dismissed Jesus along with boring church services

Christianity was a bit like Father Christmas – you grow out of it

Chapter 9

Chapter 10

Lots of partying in heaven when someone trusts Jesus (Luke 15:7)

How can there be just one true religion?

Is Jesus historically credible?

Evidence D: Look who’s coming to dinner