Was the Resurrection a miracle?

Lecture giving the evidence that the Resurrection of Jesus, the miracle at the centre of the Christian faith, is an historical event.

The Resurrection of Jesus is the miracle which is at the centre of the Christian faith. If the Resurrection happened, miracles occur. This lecture considers whether the Resurrection of Jesus is an historical event, rather than a legendary invention. The lecture was given in Southampton in October 2011 during Bill Craig’s Reasonable Faith Tour.

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Going through ‘Uncover’ brought up questions about who Jesus really is

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

How do we know Luke's account of the life of Jesus is reliable?

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Can we believe the Bible's account of the Resurrection?

Doesn't science rule out miracles?

Is there evidence for the existence of God?

Can I have meaning in life without God?

I was questioning the legitimacy of certain stories in the Bible.

Christianity was a bit like Father Christmas – you grow out of it

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Delving into the problem of evil

How can an all powerful and loving God allow people to suffer?

I realised God cares for me

Chapter 7

Aren't Christians arrogant to believe that Jesus is the only way to God?

I couldn’t understand what was so special about Jesus

Is Jesus historically credible?

Can miracles happen?

Lots of partying in heaven when someone trusts Jesus (Luke 15:7)

Doesn't faith contradict reason?

Evidence A: Does Jesus make you angry?

Don’t All Religions Lead to God?

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Chapter 10

Chapter 11